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  1. Alton towers was a great expirance that everyone enjoyed. At first, most of us we’re quit scared because we hadn’t been on a rollercoaster before. Despite our fear everyone had a go on something they weren’t sure of. When I saw the smiler I was scared and almost didn’t go on but my friend told me to have a go and I came off the ride smiling. That day, we got to know a lot more about ourselves and our friends that we didn’t know. We also went with bellinge campus and it was lovely to see some of our friend because we don’t see them often in school. We had tuns of fun trying new things and for everybody after coming off a ride, we felt a scence of achievement upon us. Because of our clever teachers, the day was organised in the middle of the week so we didn’t need to wait for any ride for longer than fifteen minuites. ( Except the smiler.)

  2. Alton towers was a great experience for anyone who liked having a challenge.
    My favourite ride was rip saw it took you upside down. I was really scared before I went on the upside down rides now I love them. One of the other rides I liked was air because it made you feel like you were flying. It was amazing! Alton towers was a reward for doing are SATS. Everyone enjoyed the trip and I would like to thank the teachers for taking us to Alton towers. This was the greatest day ever and I will never forget it. One more reason Alton towers was great because we got to see are friends from the other campus.

  3. Alton Towers was awesome and I got soaked on all the water rides like the water rapids and log flume and my favourite ride was the runaway mine train and you go around twice and you go in darkness and see people on the water rapids.This was a epic day at Alton towers.the log flume was funny because you get wet and go in darkness and a big duck laughed at us.The water rapids was a round boat and you go down a stream and people can shoot water at you and I got shot in the back and a wave soaked me.Thank you for taking us to Alton Towers.

  4. I loved Alton Towers , it was absolutely amazing.
    I especially enjoyed Hex , where we were in a
    room and it started spinning round , and in the
    Log Flume , which made my stomach swoop , there
    was a duck and it suddenly started quacking and it scared me to death
    , but it really was the Best ! Day! Ever!

  5. I had a fun time at Alton towers but I didn’t like nemesis because it made you go round and round I sort of liked Hex but I thought the whole room was spinning around but then i found out it was an illusion it was a bit like rip saw which was a ride that went high up then just twisted and went down. I didn’t go on it because it looked scary but I loved the water rides I hated thirteen because I banged my head twice it hurted lots. The log flume was fun. Their was another ride but I don’t know what it was called we went in a dark cave and then you could hear this duck doing a scary laugh I got very wet.We went because we had did very good in our SATS and the previous days. I wanted to go on the oblivion but when I saw it it didn’t look like I had thought it would look like. Their was a haunted house which was fun you had to shoot some zombies and then you would get points my score was 8000.

  6. The best thing at Alton Towers was when Oblivion hangs you over a vertical drop. Rita is the fastest at Alton towers. Ripsaw was the second best and it span upside down.

  7. Alton Towers was the far best trip I’ve ever been to. My favourite ride was Air and all the rides were really amazing. The most fastest ride was Rita. There was scary rides like Thirteen. At the end of the day we had to choose a ride the smiler or oblivion I chose smiler because it was longer. Thanks to all the staffs and teachers for taking part.

  8. I loved going on thirteen because on the cart we dropped twice in a dark tunnel. Suddenly it zoomed backwards really fast. That was my favourite moment of the day. The day was awesome! Thanks for the teachers who had planned this fun trip. (No other school can get this trip.) lucky us, we have caring teachers.

  9. Paige

    I loved  concerning my fears of hights at Alton Towers , the rides that helped me to achieve my challenge were Rita,The Smiler ,Air,Nemis,rip saw and thireen. When me, Megan and Wiktoria went on the log flume Megan huges was screaming her head off. When we were going to go down the big drop I was putting my arms up ready to go nod megan said ” Paige put your hands down and hold on!” but I didn’t listen it was wicked. Thank you  to all the teachers that organised our tip to Alton Towers. P.s jewel it was wicked. Lucky us

  10. Thank you for taking all of year six to Alton towers it was a great experience.
    My favourite ride was Nemisis but I also liked Air all the water rides and the runaway mine train it was amazing.
    I also liked the sky ride it was very high.

  11. At Alton Towers my favourite ride was the oblivion and you went up in a cart and you got to the top and stopped then looked down and saw how high it was .Only 3 other people came on with me so well done to them .When we went Rita all what happened was we went relly fast round and round and thank you to all the teachers who took us there .

  12. Thanking all the teachers for taking us to Alton Towers, and doing fun things and taking up there time to take us. Alton Towers was the best day. The best ride was the log floam it looked really scary I was refusing to go on it, and walk to go back and not going on it but I had stayed in the queue and got on it. The best bit was the drop in the dark tunnel.

  13. I loved oblivion because of the vertical drop and I loved air because you feel like you’re flying also Rita because it went so fast you can’t scream.thank you all the teachers who took us

  14. At Alton towers it was amazing the log flume was so scary I only thought it only had one big drop but it had 3 the last one had ducks laughing at us there was water squirting at us then I got soaked when I came of but duel was such a good ride all the illusions and hollow grams I have to thank mrs oxlade,mrs willets and mrs timmis for taking us to ALTON TOWERS.

  15. Courtney

    I loved going to Alton towers.I went on Rita,thirteen ,smiler, air,nemosts ,ripsaw,sky ride and jewels thank you miss willetts and mr bridge for a fantastick day out.

  16. Alton Towers was amazing, it was an amazing end of SATS trip, we went on lots of fun rides. We started on the log flume ,it was fun at first but we went into a tunnel and there was a massive duck and it was terrifying ,next we went on the Rapids, we sat in a circle boat I was the last one to get in the boat and we were about to start the ride when I managed to get on then as we were going around my group started singing! On both of the rides we got soaking wet, next we went on nemesis I hardly knew what happened because I had my eyes closed all the way,
    Then we went on air it felt like I was flying ,that was my favorite, Dule and ripsaw followed (I blame Shannon she dragged me on ripsaw against my will) they are to terrifying to talk about! We also went on the runaway mine train that was so fun! 13 (I’m shure) is a lucky number because it was awesome and Rita was so fast. Hex was an amazing optical illusion you need to experience it yourself. Those are the rides I can remember for the moment but I’m shure I will remember some more soon
    A massive thank you to all the teachers that took us it was the best end of SATS trip ever THANK YOU!!!

    • You sound like you had the best day ever hunnie, and thank you Shannon for taking Ariella on that ride, I think we all need to go, and yes a massive thank you to all of the teaching staff, who have work so so hard up too the childrens sats and getting them through them x

  17. Alton towers was really fun.My favourite ride was the smiler.It was scary I had to wait 40 Minutes to go to the toilet because of the cue.but it was a really fun time.our group name was the handsome gang lol.But I really want to thank the teachers for giving up their time to go Alton towers and thank you for pushing us so hard to get our heads down and do our work.as we were going on the smiler mr woods had his hands up all the time.The next theme park I would like to go Thorpe park.when we went on Rita as soon as It when I could not breathe.most of the rides were not scary.
    THANK YOU!!!

  18. On Wednesday, we had a very exciting experience by going to Alton Towers. My favourite ride was the water rapids and I really loved it because we bumped into rocks and sometimes the water would splash on to us. On the runaway mine train, we went side to side and there was a little cave where we go through. Before we took of to Alton Towers, I was worried about the rides but when it came to the end of the day I wanted to go on the pirate ship but it was too late. I would like to thank Mrs Willetts, Mr Woods, Mrs Weaver, Miss Pallet, Dina, Mr Bridge Miss Oxlade and Miss Clark for giving me courage.

  19. Alton towers was the most exciting day of my life. I was so scared to go on most of the rides, but I was up for a challenge. The best ride was Air. Whilst you are on it you are strapped in and it feels like you are flying. The first ride was the Log flume. Log flume was so cool. We sat in a bath tub(it was safe)and we dropped into a big pile of water. We also went into a very dark cave, and now me and my friends are now scared of rubber ducks. Thank you to all the teachers who gave up there spare time and took us on this amazing trip.

  20. Alton Towers was the best day of my life.My two favourite rides were Air and Log flume.Air was the best,it went upside down and it had lots of loops.Log flume was epic,we went in this tunnel and me and my friends got scared of some rubber ducks,as soon as we came out of the tunnel we went down this big drop and we splashed into the water.I came out soaked.Most of the rides i went on were scary but am proud of myself (i cant believe i went on Nemisis)Thank you to all the teachers that gave up their spare time and took us to this amazing trip.

  21. Alton Towers was so fun!. The rides were awesome especially Air because you felt like you were flying .Thank you all the teachers who orginised this amazing event.

  22. Alton towers has to be the best school trip ever! My highlight was probably going on air, Rita and the log flume! In the log flume cart, Alfie,Spencer and Raul started singing if your happy and you know it! It was defantly the best school trip ever!

  23. WOW! Alton Towers has to be the best school trip ever, even if it has so much walking! 😉 My favourite ride was air because it made me fell like I was flying and it’s not that scary at all. But I really hated Nemesis because it was very uncomfortable! Thanks to all the staff who took us there! 😀

  24. Thank you so much for letting me share that wonderful day with you. Hope you have a great half term….see u when we get back.☺

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