Science revision blog week 1

This blog post is a new piece of homework that we would like the children to complete each week. Unlike other blog homework, we do not expect the children to post on this blog. We would like the children to use the blog to revise a given topic in science for a short recap test each Friday. These topics will be linked to the work that they have done in Science across key stages 1 and 2. This will help prepare them for secondary school and help them to meet the Government’s “working at age expected level” criteria.


This week’s topic is electricity. These videos and links will help the children with the knowledge that they will be required to know. The end of week test will include:

Symbols in a circuit

Parallel and in series circuits

Electrical safety

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4 thoughts on “Science revision blog week 1

  1. Hello year six!!!

    I have left a comment on Mr Bridge’s blog telling you some stuff about year 7. I hope he will read it to you!

    • He is reading it to the whole of year 6 now and I agree completely with you. You know that I’m always right!!
      Mrs Willetts

  2. Hello Mrs Willetts on the 18th December I’m thinking of coming down to school and see how everyone is doing is it ok if it is please reply to this comment.

    From Benx

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