Grammar homework- due Thursday 14th

This week, the children have been learning about active and passive sentences. In order to be able to do this, the children need to be able to identify the subject, verb and object within a sentence. These websites will be helpful:

Subject, verb and object

Parts of a sentence

Making passive sentences

We would like the children to write an explanation of subject, verb and object in a sentence and show how these can help to understand passive sentences. They must write three examples of active sentences and make them passive e.g.

Will ate the delicious cake. = Active sentence

Will is the subject, ate is the verb and the delicious cake is the object

The delicious cake was eaten by Will. = passive sentence

The children may post their response on the blog or submit a written version.

7 thoughts on “Grammar homework- due Thursday 14th

  1. Dan ran to his amazing school.- active sentence
    Dan is the subject, amazing is the adjective and school is the object.
    The amazing school was were Dan was running.-passive sentence

    Lissy rode her stunning horse.-active sentence
    Lissy is the subject, stunning is the adjective and horse is the object.
    The stunning horse was rode by Lissy.-passive sentence

    Zach ate his delicious icecream.-active sentence
    Zach is the subject, delicious is the adjective and icecream is the object.
    The delicious icecream was eaten by Zach.-passive sentence

  2. Mandy ate the meal = active
    Will listened to the music = active
    Matt read the book = active

    The meal was eaten by Mandy = passive
    The music was listened by Will = passive
    The book was read by Matt = passive

    Hannah Simpson

  3. The ball was kicked by Kayci.
    Kayci kicked the ball.
    The widow was opened by Hannah.
    Hannah opened the window.
    Quickly,Rachel threw her sister out of the window.
    The sister was thrown out the window by Rachel.
    Slowly,the tortoise abandoned his shell.
    The shell was abandoned by the tortoise.
    Ri-Ri walked the plank.
    The plank was walked by Ri-Ri.
    Louis abandoned Mr Bridge.
    Mr Bridge was abandoned by louis.

  4. Active sentence
    Connor ran a long,tiring marathon .
    passive sentence
    The marathon,which was long,tiring,was ran by Connor.
    Active sentence
    James wrote a letter to Connor.
    passive sentence
    The letter was wrote by James to Connor.
    Active sentence
    Eli ate all of the chocolate cookies.
    passive sentence
    The chocolate cookies were all ate by Eli

  5. Active: Joe came sprinting through the door.
    Joe is the subject and sprinting is the verb the door is the object.
    Passive: Through the door came joe sprinting.

    Active: Joe ate the scrumptious chocolate bar.
    Joe is the subject ate is the verb and the chocolate bar is the object.
    Passive: The scrumptious chocolate bar was eaten by joe.

    Active: Merlin ,who was a dog , chased the chew toy.
    Merlin is the subject chased is the verb and chew toy is the object
    Passive: The chew toy was chased by Merlin, who was a dog.

  6. Dylan Letts sat on the chair. Dylan is the subject The chair is the object and the word sat is the verb
    Dylan kicked the ball. Dylan is the subject the ball is the object and the word kicked is the verb
    Dylan jumped out the plane. Dylan is the subject the plane is the object and the word jumped is the verb


    The chair was sat on by Dylan

    The ball was kicked by Dylan

    The was jumped out of by Dylan

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