Grammar homework due 28th January

In class, we have been looking at idiomatic phrases (common idioms) and what they mean. We often use these metaphorical phrases to add emphasis to conversations and writing. The children were given 10 in class and had to explain what they think that they met. For homework, we would like the children to:

  • Choose 6¬†different idioms and write them down.
  • Write an example for each that uses them in context to show that understanding
  • Write the meaning of the idiom.

An example of this might be:

The best thing since sliced bread – This means that something is really good.

Tony loved his iPhone because he could check all of his emails and could shop on eBay. He thought that it was the best thing since sliced bread.

The children can write this either on the blog or hand it in on paper.


One thought on “Grammar homework due 28th January

  1. 6 or more common idioms
    Cry over spilt milk.[Means to complain about a loss from the past]
    Far from cry.[Means very different from]
    Feel a bit under the weather.[Means slightly ill]
    Whole nine yards.[Means evrey thing all of it]
    Wouldn’t be caught dead.[Would never do something]
    Once in a blue moon.[Means something rarely happens]

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