Head start homework – Maths

We realise that the children are working incredibly hard at the moment and we appreciate all the support that you are giving them. Head start homework is a different kind of homework that we will now be setting in maths. Over the coming weeks, we will be doing a lot of revision in preparation for our SATs. The object of this homework is to give the children a grounding in the area that we will be revising the following week. There will not be a test or anything needed for handing in (Though there will be rewards for children who do want to hand work in). Next week, we will be revising time. The children will need to able to:

  • Read an analogue clock using minutes past, minutes to, quarter past, half past and quarter to.
  • Read digital clocks and understand AM and PM.
  • Convert digital times to and from 24 hour clock.
  • Work out time durations using a number line. (Dave starts work at 9.00am and works for 6 1/2 hours, at what time does he finish?)
  • Know days of the week, months of the year (and how many days they have) and longer time terms such as decade, fortnight.
  • Read and interpret timetables.

These websites will help:

Reading time

Time activities

More time


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