Science homework- Due Monday 11th

Hello, welcome back and happy new year! This year, we have rearranged  the homework timetable due to various commitments that both staff and children have. We will now be having our spelling test and science test on Mondays. Mathletics, grammar and reading will be unchanged and due by every Thursday.

This week, we will be looking at human life cycles and healthy living. The children will be asked to learn this acronym: MRS GREN

M= Movement, R= respire (Take in one gas and give out another), S= Sense

G=Grow, R= Reproduce, E= Excrete, N= Nutrition

They will be asked to research the common food groups that humans eat and their purposes. In addition, the children will be asked about what is needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Science revision- not due until next year!

We are incredibly pleased with the efforts that the children have been making with their Science homework and their scores have been impressive. This was shown in our recent SATS mock test where many scored very highly. We are mindful that the children should have a well deserved rest over the holidays but many have asked for holiday revision! This week’s theme is plants. The children need to look at parts of a plant, pollination, seed dispersal, photosynthesis and germination. We will not be testing them on this until the new year. We would also like them to revisit the work that they have already revised for a ‘mega test’ in January.

Parts of plants

Plant life cycles

Parts of plants

Science homework due Friday 11th December

We are really, really pleased with the effort that the children are putting into their science revision. Not only are they completing their homework but many are doing additional research and scoring very highly. This week, our area of revision is the body. The children will be asked questions about:

The major organs of the body and their functions.

The heart

The skeleton

Lungs and the respiratory system


Circulatory system/ the heart

skeleton/ bones


Science homework due on Friday 4th December

This week’s science revision is linked to the topic of ‘The Earth in Space’ as this is what the children will be studying when the Science Dome arrives at school on Monday. They will be tested on the following:

  • Sunrise and sunset
  • The earth’s orbit around the sun.
  • The seasons
  • The moon’s orbit
  • Day and night
  • The earth’s axis.

Click on these links to help you:

Woodlands information





A stunning morning of Shakespeare with the RSC

This week, our children have been studying one of Shakespeare’s historical plays: Henry V. The children have participated in a number of drama activities led by Miss Moloney and Mrs Hatfield on the Bellinge campus. The children really enjoyed the sessions and got to grips with the Shakespearian language as well as the story. We then joined hundreds of other schools across the country to watch a live feed of the play. we tweeted throughout the morning and posted videos of the children’s views. The RSC were so impressed that they retweeted these and shared our tweets in live discussions You can find our tweets and follow us: @ectonbrook, #RSC #RSC_Education









Science revision blog week 1

This blog post is a new piece of homework that we would like the children to complete each week. Unlike other blog homework, we do not expect the children to post on this blog. We would like the children to use the blog to revise a given topic in science for a short recap test each Friday. These topics will be linked to the work that they have done in Science across key stages 1 and 2. This will help prepare them for secondary school and help them to meet the Government’s “working at age expected level” criteria.


This week’s topic is electricity. These videos and links will help the children with the knowledge that they will be required to know. The end of week test will include:

Symbols in a circuit

Parallel and in series circuits

Electrical safety

Copy and paste this link into your address bar:

Wednesday 11th November

*please note that this week’s homework is due a day earlier this week to tie in with our English lesson on Wednesday. This will give the children the knowledge needed.

We will be looking at play scripts and the children will be asked to write a play script linked to our work on Macbeth. We would like the children to write a list of features found in a play script and give an example of each. They may like to think about:
Stage directions
Signalling who speaks
Importance of dialogue
Lighting/ props and setting
Dialogue to show character
Face to audience

What won’t be found? Can you write a ‘trash can’ of things that wouldn’t ?