Wednesday 11th November

*please note that this week’s homework is due a day earlier this week to tie in with our English lesson on Wednesday. This will give the children the knowledge needed.

We will be looking at play scripts and the children will be asked to write a play script linked to our work on Macbeth. We would like the children to write a list of features found in a play script and give an example of each. They may like to think about:
Stage directions
Signalling who speaks
Importance of dialogue
Lighting/ props and setting
Dialogue to show character
Face to audience

What won’t be found? Can you write a ‘trash can’ of things that wouldn’t ?

Homework due on the 5th November

The children have been studying the play of Macbeth. This is a very interesting and challenging play because of the themes that it covers such as greed and murder. It has some very deep and complex characters who make some challenging decisions. We would like the children to choose a character from Macbeth and explain why they have chosen them. We would then like the children to say what happens to the character and to think about things that the character both knows and doesn’t know. Finally, we would like the children to say whether the character is a victim on villain in the play… or perhaps even both! Here is an example…

I have chosen King Duncan. Although he dies early on in the play, he is a key character because his death sets all of the events in the play going. If he had not died, then Macbeth might have lived. He is an old king and he has led his country against an invasion by Norway. Some of his former Thanes joined the Norwegians and this might mean that they didn’t agree with the way that he led Scotland. He is a very trusting character and believes that Macbeth is loyal and rewards him. He also expects Macbeth to throw a huge banquet for him and tells him that he will stay the night. I think he is a victim in the play.”

These notes may help:

Please do not just cut and paste. It is your opinion that we would like to hear.


Homework due 22nd October

Next week, the children will be completing an end of unit piece of writing. They will be asked to write a story opening linked to the first scene of Macbeth. we would like the children to research how to start a story and the techniques and skills that they may need. They could try and include ideas that they may incorporate into their end of unit piece.

Homework due on 15th October

We will be looking at Roman Numerals in maths over the next few months. The children need to learn how the symbols that the Romans used and be able to read and construct numbers up to 100. We would like the children to post the Roman Numerals and their corresponding decimal equivalent then choose a two digit number larger than 30 and show how they were able to construct it e.g. 32

These websites will help you

Homework due 1st October

We have been writing about the incredibly rare Scottish creature known as the Haggis. Imagine you have one as a pet! How would you look after it? Where would you keep it? What does it need to eat? How does it sleep? How do you train it and make sure that it doesn’t poop everywhere? You need to write an owners’ guide to tell people how to look after it. Use subheadings and imperatives. You may post your guide on here or you may write it out.


Literacy homework due Thursday 17th Sept.

We are learning about various types of nouns in grammar lessons. We have discussed common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns and collective nouns. We would like the children to post a definition for each and then give examples. To help them, these links may be useful: