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As part of my continuing role as Science Co-ordination this year we have decided to work towards achieving the Bronze level, Primary Science Quality Mark. This will involve me looking carefully at my role within school in promoting Science and analysing my own classroom practice.

I will be blogging throughout the coming year and sharing all of the fantastic science practice that is happening around school and also keeping you updated with our progress towards PSQM.

Reception Year

November 2013
Fireworks in a jar
Reception used the inspiration of fireworks for their science investigation. They poured cooking oil, water and a little food colouring into a glass jar and watched what happened to the water and oil. mrs Norris then asked them to predict what would happen when an Alka-Seltzer tablet was added to the jar. The children made some interesting predictions, for example “It will blow up.” ” It will pop.” “it will fizz.”. They then added the tablet a small piece at at time and watched the reaction.


Year 6

November 2014
In our Science unit this half term year 6 have been thinking about changes in state and have begun investigating, reversible and irreversible changes, dissolving, evaporation and the water cycle. We have also begun to use ICT equipment to log data.

Measuring the temperature of water over a period of time.


Year 5
February 2014
Year 5 have begun a unit on Changing States this afternoon. We used bags and balloons to demonstrate the differences between a solid, liquid and gas. Can you decided which is which?



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Year 6
March 2014
Science Week
During Science Week all of the Year 6 pupils across the 5 NPAT schools took part in a variety of activities hosted by Uni Lever. The activities looked at changing states, micro organisms and using microscopes.


3 thoughts on “PSQM Our Science Work

  1. This was a fun day to have and I really suggest it to other people. We found out loads of facts. (I WISH WE COULD DO IT AGAIN SOME TIME). I loved it thank you Mrs Oxlade, the scince teachers who came in, Mr Bridge, Mrs Willetts, Mrs Weaver and Mrs Patterson xx

  2. I had lots of fun and learnt new things which I didn’t know before. Also my favorite part was when we had to check our hands to see if we washed them properly and we had a compitition about who had the cleanest hand.

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