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This week we started the new Year 5&6 Science Club. This half term the children will be working on different activities from the British Science Association CREST AWARDS. The activities allow the children to investigate a range of scientific concepts and at the end they will receive their Star Award. We will keep you posted on our progress.

This week we investigated bubbles. We tested whether different shaped bubble wands would blow different shaped bubbles and also tested how to change the size and colour of the bubbles.

We discovered that the shape of the wand doesn’t change the shape of a bubble because a bubble will always be round. We also discovered that the slower you blow a bubble the larger it will be (hopefully) and that the colour of the bubble you blow depends on how the light is reflecting onto the bubble.


3rd March
Fireworks in a Jar
Today Science Club investigated the reaction of adding Alka Seltza tablets to jar of water and cooking oil. They also added food colouring to help with the observation of the reaction.
First they noted that the oil floats on top of the water and that the food colouring mixed with the water. They then added pieces of the tablet to the jar and watched as the tablet reacted with the water and caused coloured bubbles to rise up through the oil. They compared the bubbles we made last week to the bubbles they observed in the jar. They talked about the changes they saw happening and also the noises they heard. A fantastic session today.


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  1. I would love a science club because I love science. I think that science is really good fun so I really enjoy science. I prefer experiments than writing down evidence and my explanations.

  2. mrs oxlade I went to a awards evening at the academy and got……..
    And I wanted to let you know because I have you to thank for it because you inspired me to be a scientist through ebps

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